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Almost six years ago through some basic lifestyle changes Sarah learned to greatly enhance her mind, body, soul & everyday living. For Sarah, her husband John & their three children, following the Paleo lifestyle was just the beginning. From their discoveries & positive changes, the blog, Everyday Paleo was born. She has since become a National Best Selling Author with her 5th book due to release in summer 2014. Sarah continues to blog, communicate through social media, conduct nationwide seminars and work closely with the Naval Special Warfare community. She co-owns, an online gym community and runs a local gym with her husband. You can catch her on highly rated podcast, Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness.
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April Perry is the mother of four and Co-Director of, a thriving community of 30,000 deliberate mothers. With nearly 2.5 million visits in the past year, her site features a popular podcast (Power of Moms Radio), more than a dozen online programs (including a version of GTD® for moms), two published books, and in-person Retreats around the globe.
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Dr. Portia Jackson is the founder and host of Working Motherhood, a daily podcast that interviews today's most successful and inspiring working moms. By day she is an aerospace engineer/rocket scientist and by night she is a chef, maid, financial planner, nanny, and a million other roles for her wonderful husband and two young daughters. Her secret sauce to success is a combination of faith, Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, goal setting and her CalenGoo and GTasks apps.  
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